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Siar FM is Barra and Vatersay Community Radio — a community led local radio project, which will not be for individual financial or commercial gain, but dedicated to serving the community as a communication tool.


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Siar FM DJs

John Joe MacNeil is our longest serving presenter, having been here since day 1. Monday to Friday he works at Sandray Shellfish but come the weekend he and his partner in crime - Margaret Anne present two Gaelic programmes - "Upraid" and "Gagail is Gaire"

Margaret Anne Beggs is a senior care worker in St Brendan's Home for the elderly where she entertains the residents with her madcap sense of humour. Margaret Anne looks forward to the weekend when she gets to wind up John Joe on "Upraid" and "Gagail is Gaire"

Kathryn "Skippy" Lommers presents our world music show - "Aussies World of Music". Kathryn used to be the music teacher in Castlebay School but recently she left us all to start a new life in her native Oz with her boyfriend Steve. She may have left our shores but luckily she still continues to create programmes for Siar Radio.

Catherine Lillian MacNeil is a customer care officer with the council during the working week but when the weekend comes around you will see and hear her in the pub, singing her heart out with "Nollie & Co". Every week Cathryn plays her favourite songs on "Cathy's Country Corner".

Duncan MacKinnon is a local musician. Duncan gets the toes tapping when ever he plays the button box accordion. An accomplished musician, Duncan has appeared on Rabbie Shepherds "Take The Floor" and recently released his first album - Brewed in Barra.

Paul Berry is a Maths teacher to trade. Now retired Paul gets to spend more time on his other passion - sixties music. Every week Paul plays the very best of what the sixties had to offer on "Pauls 60's Show"

Gerry Porter is another accomplished musician that we have here in Barra. Gerry used to get the Barra crowd going as part of Skippers Ticket. Gerry has released three CD's - one with Skippers Ticket called "Maiden Voyage", and two solo projects with atmospheric melodies and haunting themes with a scottish flavour called "Jewel of the Isles" and "Under the Western Sky". Gerry and his wife Karen also produce the world famous "Hebridean Toffee" , a luxurious hand made scottish tablet which is shipped around the world. Gerry also brings us the virtuosity of only the best musicians and singers in every genre of music on his show "All the Best".

Murdo MacNeil works in The Voluntary Action Office where he coordinates Bus Bharraidh - a local bus service used to transport community groups to their projects. He is also responsible for the day to day running of the station and maintaining the operation of the studio equipment. Every week he plays an assortment of his favourite music on "Mixed Bag".

Jeanne used to teach French and English in Catlebay School in Barra before leaving to teach in Tiree for four years. She recently came back to Barra to teach and every weekend comes in to narrate a selection of classic novels and recite her favourite poems on "The Book Hour".

Catriona & Rose both attend a Gaelic Medium School and enjoy coming down to the studio to play their favourite pop music and brush up on their very capable DJ-ing skills for their "Pop Party".

Sisters, Eilidh and Josie also attend Gaelic Medium Education on the island and like to play the latest music for you the listeners and also like to pit their wits against each other with the Yes-No game. Listen in to "Studio 4"

Janice Ross came to live in the Western Isles at the beginning of 2003 moving to Barra in August of that year. A keen talker, she enjoys finding out about the lives of the people who make up the island community believing that everyone has a story to tell on "Barra Island Discs". Never having the oppurtunity to learn a musical instrument when she was young, she spends her time learning to play and appreciate fiddle music. She lives on the West Side of the island.

Archie MacLean works as the local "Bus Bharraigh" driver, taking young and old in the community to their various orginisations and clubs that they attend. In his spare time Archie enjoys nothing more than belting out a good song at the ceilidhs - and so he should as he has Gold Traditional Medal that he won at the Mod. Archie also enjoys being involved with local activities including the Drama Group and the Radio, on which he presents "Ceol is Seinn".

Rohail and Pauline Bari live on Vatersay and run Cafe Kismul in Castlebay. They both love coming in to their show, "Two Of Us", to have fun, play a few favourite songs, and enjoy a bit of banter. You can email them at

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New Stuff

We now have a different playout system up and running, so we hope things will be a lot more reliable than they've previously been. We hope to have a brand new website by mid-January now we have some time to work on these things!

(No longer)Now at Feis Bharraigh!

Yes, we've actually shifted our entire studio down to Castlebay Community School for Feis Bharraigh. John Joe Macneil will be broadcasting his new show "Sona le Seonaidh" live between 11am - 12:30pm. You can email him at

BVC Radio becomes Siar FM

Don't worry, it's still the same Barra & Vatersay Community Radio you all know and love, just with a bright new name!

Previous News

The station has been very busy over the past 6 months, adding 7 new presenters and 5 new programmes to our expanding schedule. This has seen us make a change to our schedule so as you can listen to your favourite shows more frequently and at more suitable listening times.

As you will have noticed, we also have a new website. This is the low bandwidth version, which is specially designed to be very quick to load and navigate, even on a dial-up connection. We hope you agree that this is the case. If you don't agree and have any comments or suggestions that will help us improve the site further then please let us know. You can contact us on 01871 810401 or

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Each week's schedule is started on Monday. Programmes start at 10am and are repeated through the day.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday (and following mornings)
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (and following mornings)
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Thank you to Patrick McGuire who supplied us with the beautiful photos of Barra and Vatersay that you can see here on his Flickr page (Note: high quality pictures may take some time to download on slower connections).

Thank You also to Allan Brownie who allowed us to use the stunning photo of Barra from the air, on our home page, taken while he was on a transatlantic flight.

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Contact Us

If you have any comments or suggestions that may enhance your enjoyment of BVC Radio or you have an enquiry or request for your favourite shows, then you can conatct us using the following links. Alternatively you can phone us direct on 01871 810 401

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